We love what we do

HERVAU provides broad administrative and project solutions to support your company’s operation. The combination of competence, empathy, and value orientation is what makes us stand out as service providers.

You need partners that empower and support you

We are here with you while paving the path to a sustainable and successful future.

Hervau is fully engaged in most, if not all, of the tasks necessary for you to operate your business efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, we are just as invested in your business succeeding as you are.

Our mission is to create an efficient, effective and sustainable framework for your company to thrive.

Our vision is to be the first choice for any company looking to optimize its administration.

Our values are grounded in intersectionality, integrity, and respect.

Martina Tamvakou

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Martina Tamvakou

Founder of HERVAU

HERVAU’s founder Martina Tamvakou wanted to be a doctor. Instead, she followed her heart and became an administrative professional and project manager with 15 years of experience and counting. Her educational background in Political Science and Health Management has inspired her to found Hervau. She often jokes about the turnout of her career.

”I love my job. I help employers and employees towards an efficient and sustainable work-life. That saves them from a few, if not a lot, doctor visits. Somehow I feel I contribute to the health industry. [laughing]

I believe in humanity, and I feel the majority of us want to create a better society for our children. We like to collaborate with companies that share our values. We work with businesses. However, what we do is invest in people and their vision. When they succeed, we succeed. When we collaborate, we learn and evolve but also educate. We share knowledge and create awesome things together. I love that!”

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